Welcome to the ministry blog of Mark R. Worden the author of the book HE IS!

In my hardest times of life, I embarked on a quest to know God more fully and intimately through prayerful meditation on the Scriptures. I wrote about my discoveries in the Book HE IS! as part of my healing process with the goal of helping others on a devotional and meditative journey to knowing God better.  The God is statements in the Bible truly reveal who HE IS!

Will you consider taking the challenge of Hebrews 11:6 seriously?  The first step in knowing God is believing that He exists and then making conscience choices to seek Him.

To this end, I encourage you to read HE IS! and follow my blog for some help on your unique journey of faith.  I pray that you will experience God’s present and eternal rewards as you seek Him!

Sincerely, Mark R. Worden